35 ton WLL Diesel Spooling Winch




The 35 ton WLL Diesel Spooling Winch comes with interchangeable shafts and adjustable pedestals to suit various drum sizes.
Unlike a drum winch, rating of a spooling winch is based on its payload capacity.

All spooling winches can be provided with constant tension functions and are fully tested in house prior to delivery.

Euro Winch Spooling Winches are suitable for:

  • Safe area applications
  • Wire spooling on and off systems
  • Umbilical deployment

Euro Winch Spooling Winch features include:

  • Powerful hydraulic motor, for superior reliability in harsh environments
  • Fail safe brakes
  • Fitted with control panel on winch
  • Constant tension control
  • Standard operating temperature range is -10ᵒC to +40ᵒC
  • Meet BS EN 12079 standards
  • CE compliant

Additional information


4654mm x 2000mm x 2194mm

Rated Payload Capacity

35 ton

Tare Weight

5.000 kilograms

Gross Weight

5.000 kilograms

Lifting Arrangement

4 point lifting

Forklift Pockets


Constant Tension